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Natural Surrender - YOUR Directory for Living Naturally

I, Megan, personally love working from home and being able to weave work around my life - without needing permission from an employer to do so

But it does mean I am alone a lot with my laptop, working hard to get noticed in the vast expanse of today’s marketplace for the decades of work that I have poured my heart and soul into

Natural Surrender - YOUR Directory for Living Naturally is the result

Firstly, in my previous life as co-owner of a Corporate Training company that operated in both Australia and Malaysia, I taught win/win principles and techniques to companies big and small 

Win/win principles state that everyone must end up ahead in every deal - and never one party losing so others can gain. It is a captivating concept in a world that can be greedy and exploitative

It’s quite simple, really - but, as, on a bigger scale, this aims for a “just nation”, it is challenging to change a culture. If it is to be, it is up to each one of us individually to take responsibility for our own actions, especially towards others (see our blogs for more of that concept down the track)

Secondly, Living Naturally is not just about physical health and natural ingredients - both very important, of course, but the Natural Surrender Directory aims to expand to every aspect of a life worth living, which includes love, joy, peace, music, adventure, community, helping hands, capturing those extra-special moments, and more….

Birtwill St
Coolum Beach, QLD 4573
Added: 19 October 2023 5:38pm
Last Edited: 19 October 2023 5:38pm
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