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Zeen Design is a building design studio that offers smart design solutions to its prestigious clients.

Be it your Contemporary Custom House, Duplex, Town House, Investment Property, Commercial or even an interior fit-out office space, at Zeen Design we can help your vision come to life.

Our Sole Design Director – Faisal Hissam has experience working on Large Scale Projects where he not only designed Commercial High Rises, Flight Kitchen, Airports, Educational & Residential Projects but also managed them all the way to the construction phase in Pakistan where he worked as an Architect before moving to Australia.

With his love for Building Design, he is ecstatic and passionate as always to provide Building Design / Management services for any given project to any given client.

Since starting this firm back in 2018 and with our extensive multi facet experience in building design industry we have delivered numerous projects here in Australia to various builders / individual clients / Investors & Developers across Southeast Queensland as well as NSW and Victoria.

We pride ourselves in delivering the high-end boutique designer homes, budget homes, etc. to our clients as well as to our numerous proud partners within the industry.

Sippy Downs, QLD 4556
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