Schoolies Accommodation & Information
Schoolies Accommodation & Information
Schoolies Accommodation & Information

Schoolies Accommodation & Information

For the ultimate summer Schoolies escape, Alexandra Headland offers all the essential ingredients. Take advantage of a great surfing beach perfect for a learner and the more advanced or try out the popular skateboarding facility. All the action of Mooloolaba is also only a short stroll away. From mid-November till halfway through December the Sunshine Coast beaches become awash with Year 12 School Leavers. It’s the perfect escape and a fantastic way to celebrate the beginning of a new life outside of school.

Choose from a number of Sunshine Coast towns like Noosa, Coolum, Caloundra, Alexandra Headlands and Mooloolaba and you can enjoy brilliant weather, endless stretches of beach, fun surf clubs and a great range of accommodation choices.

Where Should we Stay?

Book Schoolies accommodation in Sunshine CoastThe Sunshine Coast has quite a few hot spots and some more chilled out places, however, they are all hugely popular and book up really quickly. We recommend you book your Schoolies Week accommodation at the beginning of the year (if not earlier) so you don’t miss out!

Noosa has long been a popular place to visit for Schoolies, especially with those coming from the southern states, with the majority of people choosing to stay in multiple bedroom apartments on Hastings Street or in the holiday houses that proudly line the Noosa River. It’s a wild place to be with good bars, food and safe surf beaches. There’s also a few clubs so you can drink and dance till the sun rises above the Noosa National Park.

Coolum is another favourite with good surf breaks for both beginners and pros. There’s a relaxed and very chilled vibe here but that’s not to say it is by any way boring. The Surf Club offers up some great counter meals and cheap booze with live bands playing.  Caloundra offers up very much the same kind of escape with the Esplanade and boardwalk to hang about on and check out the talent and some great quality surf. There are lots of fully equipped 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in these towns which are priced on the cheaper end compared to Noosa. The resort facilities are still top notch with sparkling blue pools and plenty of space to whip up a BBQ.

Alexandra Headlands, or Alex as it’s known to locals, offers School Leavers a one of a kind Schoolies holiday escape. The town itself is sleepy but there are some great apartment, resort and housing options which you can rent. At these prices you might want to stay 2 weeks instead of the traditional one week! Close by is the always buzzing town of Mooloolaba with its busy Esplanade, wine bars and pubs. There’s heaps of great apartment and resort style accommodation in Mooloolaba, prices are more on par with those in Noosa but if you don’t mind bunking in with a friend you’ll get great deals!

Whilst there are no official Schoolies Week Parties happening on the Sunshine Coast there is still plenty of fun to be had. Hire a boat, head down to the beach with friends, learn to surf all by day and then once the sun goes down hop from pub to bar to club. Getting between each town is easy if you have a car (and aren’t drinking) but there’s also a pretty reliable public transport system.

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Our tips for Schoolies

There’s plenty of fun to be had on the Sunny Coast but we recommend you follow some pretty stock standard tips to make sure you get the most out of your stay:

  • Check out your accommodation house rules - if your accommodation is damaged, or there are other issues, discuss immediately with your apartment manager
  • Underage drinking or using fake ID could land you with a $1875 fine.
    Do not drink drive or drive with anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Unwanted or forced sexual behaviour is a crime.
  • Police are there to help you - stay calm, listen and follow instructions.
  • Look out for schoolies volunteers - they'll provide advice and support.
  • Respect that others live, work and visit the Sunshine Coast
  • Remember your medication - especially if you're asthmatic, a diabetic or have epilepsy
  • Pack your school ID so you can get an official Schoolies Week ID for your chance to win prizes
  • If you are sexually active, practise safe sex
  • Be sun smart and drink plenty of water