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All Loved Up & Places To Go

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, confusion and clarity, the good and the bad, the known and the unknown, and an array of contrasting experiences to love.

It is easy to navigate your way through the good times because life has a particular flow to it which brings an abundance of heightened emotions.

But when life gets tough, because it does, then how well do you navigate through these bumpy and often highly challenging times?

The times when you feel like the world is against you.

The times when you feel like giving up.

The times when you feel so alone.

Firstly, you should know you are never alone, and a rainy storm cloud must run out of water soon enough.

And what comes after the storm?


To be well equipped for the storms that we face we must learn some key practices to help support us during these challenging times.

Inner strength, resilience, self-love, faith, hope and trust.

Join us for a morning of powerful story-telling to explore how you can navigate your way through life’s adversities and transcend above any challenge you face!

** You’ve got this**
**You can achieve ANYTHING**
**You are not a victim of your story**

LOVE will guide you home.

Let’s meet our beautiful guest speaker Kathy Murray:

As a little girl, Kathy Murray wanted to be a teacher. She would ‘teach’ the neighbourhood children in the garage of her home. Patience, kindness and nurturing were part of Kathy’s ‘teaching’ style in those garage days.

As an adult, Kathy became a teacher and worked with families and children for 25 years as a classroom teacher. She has an intuitive way of knowing how to connect with children and teaching them in the way that they needed to be taught.

After many years in the classroom, Kathy was invited to lecture preservice teachers and complete many research projects at university. She now has a consultancy business,

Training and Education Services. In her business, Kathy has many different roles, including coaching people to understand their mindful relationship with money, lifestyle coaching, extending skills of early childhood educators through workshops and professional development sessions, holding parent information sessions, writing published articles and blogs. Kathy uses intuition and spiritual connections to build relationships with her clients as she did with children and preservice teachers previously.

“Personally, I have had many difficult years emotionally and financially that have required a lot of resilience and strength to overcome. To come out of the dark periods I had to find ways to ‘fall in love’ with myself. I want to share these experiences and offer the strategies I used to rebuild self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love for myself. I want to share this with anyone who may be feeling as I did. I have such inner happiness and joy now that I am bursting to share what’s worked for me. It may just work for one person I talk with – and that’s enough.” – Kathy Murray.

What to expect:

–  Vulnerability and story-telling

–  Strategies on how you can overcome any adversity you face

–  Learn how to fill your love cup up

–  Inspiration, empowerment and support

–  Connection and a sense of belonging or feeling at home with your tribe

–  Fun and SO much LOVE


Event Details
Date: 16 February 2019
Time: 8am - 10am

Where is it?
Kunara Organic Market Cafe
330 Mons Road
Forest Glen, 4556

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