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Maleny Dancing Freedom

Occurs every week on Tuesday

Dancing Freedom is a moving meditation, a metaphor of our lives, a means to heal and grow. 

“There is only one rule — you cannot do it wrong.”


Facilitator Angela Kapudija EVERY 2nd & 3rd TUESDAY 

Facilitator Prema Nishan EVERY 1st and 4th TUESDAY 

TIME: 7pm- 8:45pm
VENUE: 23 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

There are no steps to follow. No dance experience needed. No dogma in the dance. Everyone is welcome, adults, kids, women and men of all ages, backgrounds and all abilities.

We dance to reclaim our brilliant selves. To re-member, re-create and re-invent a life where every day we live from a place of true authenticity, in honest connection with others, with compassion in our hearts, a deep understanding, and to find our purpose to our lives and a meaning to this existance. Which = happiness. 

We dance to evolve, to morph into that butterfly, to shape shift into the light, initiate change and integrate the lessons we learn from the dance practice. We dance to discover out potential and how to transcend the things that hold us back from living our dreams. 

We dance cause simple it feels good. 
Feet first, centred in our beings, moving with emotion, with feeling, moving freely to the music that is our guide, allowing whatever arises to inspire us, to move through us, beyond our limits, beyond the thinking mind, in the moment, with presence and purpose. 


Dancing Freedom is a global practice that emerged from the USA. Founder Samantha Sweetwater fused together the elements from other conscious dance practices such as 5 rhythms, soul motion, contact imporisation, non-voilent communication, contemporary dance, Nia Dance, Feldenkris, including philosophy from Native American Shamanism, Sufi Mysticism, Zen Buddhism, Yoga as well as teachings from Eckart Toll, Alan watts & Carolyn Myss. Creating a dance practice that works on all levels, mind, body and spirit.



About the facilitator-

Having a background in Science, Psychology, Nutritional Medicine, Fitness, Massage and Movement, Angela's brings forth her passion for dance as a transformative practice which we can use to learn, grown and develope personally and collectively. Her love for dance began as a child where she used to dance at home to her favorite beats on cassette (shows how old i am). It was only when she set foot on the consious dance floor did she realise that dance was medicine. Having been challenged by social phobia for over a decade, it was only through dance did she peel back the layers to discover her true self and tap into her potential as a human being to transcend the things that held her back from living with peace, clarity and understanding. She uses dance as an alaogy of our lives, where the thoughs and triggers on the dance floor reflect where we are in life and where we need to focus on changing, growing and developing.


Had a great time tonight, wonderful vibe and great hosting by Angela. My five year old, Sage, also loved it. She said to me, "I didn't know the Raw Cacao Dance Party was going to be THIS wild!" Having done lots of Nia dance over the last six years, I really loved being able to bring Sage along to a conscious dance session. And although we've danced at home together, I think it was an eye opening experience for her to see lots of people dancing uninhibited with such a lovely vibration happening.


Event Details
Date: 12 November 2017 - 25 November 2018
Time: 7pm

Where is it?
Maleny Community Centre
23 Maple St
Maleny , 4552

For further information...
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