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Train Your Brain-Free 2 Hour Seminars


•       The basics of Beta , Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave states & how they impact your performance, feelings and awareness.

•       Why it’s important to align the two hemispheres of the brain, and get your brain’s neural network to fire simultaneously. 

This is called ‘whole- brain thinking’, it causes you to create amazing results… and it’s far easier to do than you think!

•       How to recognize which dominant brain wave state you are in throughout the day, particularly what brain waves states cause your mind to wander, procrastinate and perform poorly.

•       What is the super conscious mind and why scientists deem it is so powerful. We all have this hidden capacity!!

•       How most people go into powerful Alpha states “accidentally” on a daily basis without realizing it.

•       Identify what it feels like to be in the Alpha state.

•       How changing your brain state can lead to greatly increased self confidence & self esteem that will stop self sabotaging patterns for good.

•       Why your memory and concentration can be unreliable & how to fix it.  Everyone has a great memory potential!

•       How stress impacts our performance & how you can release stress quickly. 70% of all illness involves stress.

•       Why the body heals and recovers up to 10 times faster in the Alpha state.    This is the mind / body connection!

•       How to recognize & reverse negative & sabotage thinking.

•       How the different brainwave states impacts your health, learning & creativity.

•       Why confidence and intuition working together creates unprecedented results (A 10 year study of top CEO’s revealed this as a critical success factor).

•       How ‘high achievers’ use the alpha state every day without knowing it.

•       How the mind & body works together to achieve rapid healing.

•       The science behind why prayer, laughter and meditation are so powerful.

•       Plus see an amazing demonstration of memory & concentration!

•       Why the ‘alpha state’ is the key to unlock the door to your full potential & unlimited brain power.

•       How the Alpha Technique is used by thousands of people to set & achieve big goals faster– for example, a Brisbane woman used it to buy a beautiful house in Ascot when she thought there was no way she could afford it.

•       How the use of Alpha can be used for prosperity, like aMelbourneUniversitygraduate who used it to become a multi-millionaire in one year.

•       Why using Alpha can double your memory in 30 days, and find out the rapid learning and study techniques that won a NSW student 21 High Distinctions and a University Medal!

•       How Alpha enables you to access your higher creativity and intuition.

•       How the power of Alpha can end addictions for good-  a former Aussie Trade Commissioner used it to stop smoking after 30 years.

•       Why you can end procrastination for good and tap into unlimited energy and motivation during Alpha states.

•       Hear about the technique used by an Albury Doctor used to eliminate nightmares & sleeping tablets,

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Train Your Brain-Free 2 Hour Seminars Train Your Brain-Free 2 Hour Seminars Train Your Brain-Free 2 Hour Seminars


Event Details
Date: 26 April - 5 May 2016
Time: 7pm-9pm weeknights ;1pm-3pm weekend

Where is it?
Sands Tavern
Plaza Pde
Maroochydore, 4558

For further information...
Peter Heibloem
07 54450496
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